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Products : WiAuthenticator


RFC based standards.


Structured in C design pattern.


Easily portable on any OS and RTOS.


Easily portable on any OS and RTOS.


Easily portable on any OS and RTOS.


WiAuthenticatoris Satyav Networks embedded authenticator or can also called as embedded radius client for EAP. It can fit into any embedded Wireless or Wifi device. It has small memory footprint and taking care of small embedded device constrains and compatible with latest standard. WiAuthenticator can be used on wifi and wireless devices and access point to gain the access of network with EAP authentication and RADIUS Server in the backend.

An authenticator is a LAN port that enforces authentication before allowing access to services that are accessed through the port. For wireless connections, the authenticator is the logical LAN port on a wireless access point (AP) through which wireless clients gain access to the wired network. Authenticator mainly runs on access point, router or network switches.

Satyav Network’s WiAuthenticator modules can be run on any wireless or wired server side station and can be integrated with any hardware or OS dependent platform. It is ready to use with any EAP methods. It also unpacks EAP packets from 802.1x client and packs it into RADIUS to pass to the authentication server. It can be used as a server to pass-through device between supplicant and backend authentication server (RADIUS). It also supports framework for 802.11i key and WEP key management.

Satyav Networks WiAuthenticator can be used by OEM, network devices manufactures and embedded devices. Stack is available in source as well as binary form.

Following figure shows the Authenticator role in 802.1x based Authentication process with third party supplicant and RADIUS.

Satyav Networks provides WiAuthenticator in source code as well as binary forms. Currently stack is running on Linux and can be easily portable on any operating system. It's modular design and operation specific libraries makes easy to port on any platform. Demo version as well as sample code is available on request.


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